Complementary Services

Staff at VitaLife Sioux Falls

Our coaches have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of nutrition and fitness. Below, you will see some of the complementary service offerings they can each offer in addition to our program at VitaLife Sioux Falls.

She Lives Fit, Whitney Werner

Weight Loss Sioux Falls SD Whitney WernerWhitney works one-on-one with clients to create a supportive and educational environment that will enable them to transition easily and realistically to a more plant-centric way of eating and living. She offers holistic support for those moving beyond weight-loss goals and into healthy lifestyles long-term. Whitney has personalized options for individual cooking lessons, pantry raids, grocery tours, and coaching sessions to optimize your transition to a healthy lifestyle you love.

Progressive Body Fitness, Tyler Costine

Weight Loss Sioux Falls SD Tyler CostineTyler offers progressive personal training focused on balanced body work, and macro/nutrition planning. He coaches runners, and those wishing to begin a new running plan, into rebalancing their form to avoid injury and over-stressing. Tyler can offer personalized macro planning and nutrition guidance for your performance goals.


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